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gary earl producer

Gary Earl, Producer

Multi-Instrumentalist, Mixer, Creative Director

Voice Coach


Robin Earl, Voice Coach

Vocal Producer, Vocal Tuning, Project Leader

Robin Earl voice coaches and produces music for artists and songwriters in the US and worldwide. She is quick and efficient in helping artists sing easily through their entire range, identify and correct vocal problems, and prepare for recording and performance. (Studio, Skype, FaceTime)
Robin has a holistic approach to coaching, working with singers on the physical and mental aspects of singing as well as vocal skills. She draws on her own varied background as a fitness instructor, ski instructor, competitive swimmer, and studies in yoga, martial arts, and dance to help singers achieve their best in their singing, writing, performing. She works with singers of all ages and ability levels. She works with artists in developing an artist image, stylistic direction, brand identity, and provides career consulting.
When requested, Robin works with artists on pre-production, preparing songs and performance before recording sessions.

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