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3 Reasons Singers Should Hummm

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Great vocal warmup— start your day warming up your speaking
and singing voice by humming. Get your voice engaged slowly. You
wouldn’t start your workout by running full speed.  Your choice: hum up
and down your entire range, hum a song, hum one note, or any other

M’s and N’s are your friends—ever wonder why all those
zillions of warmup exercises start with M or N? mum mum mum, na na na. ?
By starting with an M or N, you must breathe out your nose, then
transition to nose/mouth exhaling. It keeps you from shutting down your
nose breathing, which can create a nasal or pinched sound. (di di di
instead of ni ni ni)

Start your song off right— many singers start their songs
with humming at the beginning. Yes, it’s for style, but it also gets
your tone forward and helps with your placement (singing in the ‘mask’
or front of the face) as you begin the song.

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