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30-Day New Year’s Fitness Challenge

By December 29, 2015 No Comments

(Shamed into my New Year’s Resolution… By accident!)

By Robin Earl

I’ve been slacking off in my fitness routine lately. To get back on track, I went to the Y for a quick Dance Blast class before the tornado weather was due to hit the other night.

Well, the Dance Blast class was cancelled due to the storm, but in it’s place was a BodyCombat class. Hmmm… BodyCombat, sounds intense!  The six of us who showed up for Dance Blast decided we were game to try something new, so in we went.

The class was a very high intensity, boxing/ martial arts class to music. The two girls who showed up to attend BodyCombat were in phenomenal shape! Authentic boxing moves, and kicks over their heads. The rest of us were going through the motions… our boxing and kicking moves looked so lame compared to the ‘experts’, that it made me laugh for about ten minutes! Laughing at myself for getting out of shape, and trying my best to look cool sport my best boxing moves!

One routine in this class had 33 ‘left hooks’ in a row’, then wind-sprinting in place, then a bunch of men’s pushups. (one girl was doing them one-handed!)  My first thought was to get discouraged… But we have that choice, to get discouraged or get better!  Like music! We can compare ourselves to others and get discouraged, or get better!

I decided it would be more motivating for me to make a ’30 Day New Year’s Resolution’ than a New Year’s Resolution, so here is my 30-day fitness goal:

• 1 BodyCombat class/ week (yes, I’m going back)
• 1 Dance Blast, Yoga, or Cycling class per week
• 5 Morning home workout routines, dance/exercise to music for 5-20 minutes
• Walk at the river several days a week while my dog runs/swim

Here is a challenge to anyone who would like to do it — create and write down your 30 day fitness plan! What ideas do you have for the first 30 days of the New Year to keep fit?

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