By Robin Earl

It is our natural state to feel good– feeling good performing, feeling good connecting with people, feeling good inspiring others.

It helps as a performer to incorporate this ‘feeling good’ attitude  into as much of your life as possible so your creativity flows and your positive attitude flows into your performance world. But what about the days you don’t feel good? What can you do as a  performer to help this in such an up-and-down world?

Problems and solutions come together. The second you identify a problem (and have a bad feeling in your system), flip it and think of a thought or feeling that makes you feel better. Then you’ll be in the ‘solution mode.’

With practice this can become second nature and even more present in your life as an performer.

What do you do to become more ‘solution’ oriented?

Author garyearl

Grammy nominated producer, award winning songwriter, GRAMMY Nom mixer, multi instrumentalist. Credits: Disney, universal, Warner Bros. HBO, Batman, Pokémon.

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