Five Reasons Why Singers Should Think ‘Down’ on High Notes, Not ‘Up’

1. Relaxed throat —you will keep your throat relaxed, not tense, and won’t lift your chin (which causes you to miss notes)

2. Larynx down — you will keep your larynx down, it will not pop up which squeezes the tone and throat.

3. Core muscles —you will naturally use your ‘core’ muscles more, which will support your breathing and tone.

4. Stay on top —you
will feel ‘on top of’ the note, grounding it into the ground, instead
of reaching up for it. Feel like you are on top of a mountain looking

5. Open your mouth — you
will open your mouth more, by lowering your jaw (we only have one jaw)
not lifting your head, thereby letting the tone out more clearly and

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