The Guy You Keep Locked in Your Closet

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Songwriting tip by Gary Earl of Recording Studio

The Guy You Keep Locked in Your Closet
Writer’s Block. We’ve all heard of it, and most of us have struggled with it at one time or another. I’m fortunate to have never had a problem with it, and here is the reason why:
My family trained dogs when I was growing up, and I noticed early on that dogs that got hit a lot stopped approaching their masters with the same enthusiasm. The same thing happens between your right brain and left brain. Your creative side unveils a new labor of love, and if you allow your analytical side to immediately criticize it – then pretty soon your creative side blocks up, deciding it’s just too painful to go through that anymore.
So when you’re in the middle of creating, keep that critical voice locked away in a closet until your creative side is done. Later, perhaps the next morning, you can let that critical voice come out and judge your work. At that point it can be very helpful, but make sure that it isn’t allowed to stand over your creative side and whack it every time something new comes out.
Write on, & come record with us!

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