Hi, this is voice coach Robin Earl with a quick and simple tip for better singing. Anybody play golf? I was talking with a golf pro the other day and he said something very insightful. He said the most important thing he teaches golfers is “don’t hit the ball, swing the club.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you focus on hitting the ball it’s possible to lose the technique and flow of your swing. When you focus on just getting a good solid swing and let the club connect with the ball, the ball really sails. The same concept works in music too. Don’t hit the notes, sing the song. Of course, you need to learn the melody and words, but then just go with the flow. Let your voice be an instrument working in rhythm with the other instruments. So next time you’re challenged with a song, especially on the high notes, don’t hit the notes, sing the song. You can find us on the web at robinearl.com.

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Grammy nominated producer, award winning songwriter, GRAMMY Nom mixer, multi instrumentalist. Credits: Disney, universal, Warner Bros. HBO, Batman, Pokémon.

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