Hooking Your Listeners

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By Gary Earl

Ever had anyone tell you your song is good, but just not quite “fresh enough,” or unique?

There is an infamous quote that states “everything has already been said…” Well, that may be true about ideas ­after all, what can you say about love that hasn’t already been said… but you can always put a new angle or spin on it. Here are a couple of ideas about how to go about hooking your listeners in with new angles and spins in your lyric writing:

1) Use Other People’s Personal Brands: Chevy might frown on your using their name in a song about jobs going across the border (I know, I tried it), but the personal brands of famous people are usually fair game. Example, Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw.” When I first saw the title, I wanted to hear the whole song. Or how about Sheryl Crow’s “Steve McQueen?” Immediately you knew what the song was about—

the attitude, the glamour, all of it built right into the name.

2) Cultural Idioms, Folkisms and Colloquialisms: Every culture’s collective psychology is full of these, and they not only add color, but usually humor to your writing. This can be particularly useful in country music, where wit and irony are routinely welcomed with open arms.

Now don’t just sit there like a frog on a log, go write a hit song!

Write on,

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