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How to Deliver Song Files to a Mixer - Gary Earl Productions - Sync Music

How to Deliver Song Files to a Mixer

By April 9, 2016 No Comments

By Gary Earl

There are many platforms people record on these days and with digital it is usual for a writer or studio to send the digital files out to a mixer.

There is an industry standard protocol put in place by the P&E Wing of the Grammys (Producers and Engineers), at the request of the major record labels, that will ensure that they get there in a usable form. Back in earlier days, with older versions of Pro Tools, recording engineers would just send a Pro Tools file, which marked where every punch-in and separate file sat on the track line. But today, since many different versions of Pro Tools don’t even play nicely with each other, and don’t work at all with other DAWs, this can result in an unusable file.

Regardless of whether you use Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, etc, all files must start at measure zero or measure one, and only one file per track. So if you have 6 separate little punch-ins on a track, you must play it down to merge all of them into 1 file, starting at measure 0 or 1. Doing this ensures that every set of files from every studio can be used at any other studio or mixing engineer’s place.  🙂

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