How To Make A Create Space

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Your Music Space Look Like This?

Or This?

You’re in the shower and the BEST musical idea ever pops into your head. Before you can get it down, it’s gone. Happens to all of us. What’s even MORE frustrating to me is when you’re in Your Own Music Space or Studio and still can’t easily throw down that idea. Does your music space make it easy to be creative? Here’s 3 quick ideas that I found keep my space easy to roll whenever creativity strikes.

  1. Keep Everything Within Reach. Computer, pre-amps, power conditioner, headphones, headphone amp, K/A converter, junk drawer, controller/console, small keyboard controller, remote lighting controller (hey! – club lighting is de rigor), drink holder (where it can’t spill on equipment), dog (sleeps under the desk 🙂
  2. Get a Good Chair.  One with arms that swing out of the way if you’re a guitar player, and one with plenty of adjustments. If you spend several hours at a time in the chair, consider open webbing that breathes, you won’t be sorry.
  3. Back Up Every Song and every Session on a Different Drive. There’s an old tech adage – “If it doesn’t exist in 2 places, it doesn’t exist.” Flash drives and hard drives are cheap – re-doing an entire session of musicians is not. My first trip to Los Angeles one of the tracks got corrupted before the vocal got on it, but after the musicians had left. A diligent engineer stayed late and edited the song to save it, and the singer, who had just signed a deal with Sony that afternoon, came back late to sing it. Great guys saved the day, but a quick one minute backup after the session would have avoided hours of trouble and potential disaster for all of us.

How about You? What helps you stay organized and more productive in your music space? Let us know your ideas.

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