singers sing in a way that does not strain their voice but they have
vocal problems and hoarseness anyway. What’s going on? What are some of
the reasons?

Yelling or Screaming at a sports event– I’ve worked with singers who
are surprised they are hoarse for no apparent reason, but when asked
what else they did during the week besides sing and speak, it turns out
they have been yelling and cheering or screaming during sporting events.
Even more so for cheerleaders or pep rally leaders, who have rehearsals
which compound the time spent using their voice in a strained way. It’s
important to learn to ‘yell’ safely without straining the vocal cords
in order to correct the situation.

Speaking too low or in a strained way– Taking care of your speaking
voice is as important as taking care of your singing voice. If you get
that ‘gravelly’ sound while speaking, you can try moving your voice just
slightly higher and more forward for relief. Most singers spend more
time speaking during their day than singing, so its important to take
care of your speaking voice.

Speaking long hours without a break– some singers have day jobs that
require a lot of talking. Some examples would be telemarketers,
teachers, radio DJs, sports coaches. Awareness is key. Learn to speak
correctly, take breaks, drink water. Get a coach for these activities as

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