Jaw yoga

Not surprisingly, many singers have jaw tension that makes it uncomfortable when they sing. It might be a TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders),
muscle tension or an alignment problem — many people have some issues
with their jaws. I was working with a singer who is a fitness
trainer as well as being a professional singer. He had a lot of popping
in his jaw and mentioned that it went away when he went to the dentist.
We realized something was going on, that having his mouth open for some
length of time was stretching those muscles enough to relax them.

started doing ‘jaw yoga’ and ‘jaw massage’ since we both had jaw
tension, and had great results!  I’ve encouraged many singers to work
their jaw muscles gently, carefully in a yoga like way, with slow,
relaxing stretches. This has brought some amazing results. You can
massage your jaw muscles, also slowly open and close, to see if and
where you have pain, tension, or clicking/popping.

it is from muscle tension, there will gradually be a relief and
realignment, as with any yoga or physical therapy exercise.  Opening
slowly, then going through the range of motion with your fingers
supporting the muscles can help reprogram those tense muscles.
Occasionally surgery is suggested. In some severe cases, surgery would be
the way to alleviate the problem but for more minor issues, some gentle
jaw yoga can help! You can check with your physical therapist to see if
they can work with those muscles to alleviate the problem, or suggest
some re-alignment exercises for you. Getting your mouth open can  help
with getting your ‘high-note mouth shape’ in gear!

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