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by Gary Earl


An associate’s hard drive crashed a couple weeks ago and he lost everything on his computer. You probably know others who have had this happen. They’ve been meaning to do a ‘back up’ but haven’t done so for one reason or another, or haven’t known what to use.

Here are some things that are ‘lifesaver’ programs —

1. Carbon Copy Cloner— this makes a clone of your main drive (a backup) to use as a backup drive. A common quote by tech support people: “if it doesn’t exist in two places, it doesn’t exist.”

2. Disc permissions—this is done by using your computer’s ‘disc utility’ app. It can solve lots of little problems. Run this weekly or at least montly. It takes two minutes and solves tons of random problems that most people go to tech support for.

3. Tech Tool Pro—it does smart checks of your drives, so you can spot when a drive is going to fail before it fails. It also rebuilds directories and optimizes hard drives.

4. Data Rescue—this can retrieve files that you’ve lost due to a drive breaking down, or something you’ve deleted accidentally. It can retrieve files from a total crash (if you send your hard drive off to have info retrieved, this is one thing they use).

I use these regularly, and in 25 years of doing music production and sound effects in movies, I’ve never lost a song or file. Do you have something you use to recommend?

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