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Support Me, Santa!

By December 21, 2015 No Comments

by Robin Earl

Now that we’ve gotten the breathing going, it’s time to connect it to the support. Support in singing refers to using the core muscles, the abdominal and back, to regulate airflow and do the physical work of singing, not the outer throat muscles.

Try using support muscles with a coughing exercise. With your hands on your rib cage, above the waist, cough three times: cough cough cough!

With our hands, we can feel the muscles in the trunk working.

Then try the same thing with a vocalized sound, like a big, HOHOHO! Yes, think Santa Claus,  it will help you to remember to do it.  I go through all the vowel sounds,  HOHOHO,  HAHAHAH, HEHEHE, HOO HOO HOO!  The muscles should feel like they’re working the same way they did with the cough. Go back and forth, from coughing to vocalizing.

When you get used to using your support muscles for singing, you’ll wonder how you ever used your throat muscles to get up to those high notes.

What a gift, Santa!!!

How do you keep on top of your singing? If you need help with vocal issues or physical energy issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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