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Film & TV music supervisors are increasingly scanning the web, especially youtube, for new bands and new artists. They are all hoping to find the next break-out hit song. If you have a website, youtube channel, Soundcloud or Reverbnation, and it’s full of original music, and you’d love to be picked up by a TV show or film, make sure you have a picture that matches your music genre. Record labels have even been known to tell artists that the quickest way to get signed these days is getting a song on TV or in a film; for example Gray’s Anatomy has made more than a couple of unknown artists into big sellers.  If you were going to have a virtual rock band, what would you name it? There are many websites that auto generate band names;  is one of these, and it’s a fun site to spend a couple minutes on even if you don’t intend on trying the idea of “being a virtual band”.    best, g

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