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What a Singer Can Learn From a Mogul Skier

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By Robin Earl

I spent my early life doing some recreational competitive ‘mogul’ skiing
while living at Lake Tahoe. ‘Boogie in the Bump’ contests!! I’ve
taught skiing and other sports along the way, and I love to find
similarities in concepts between sports and singing.. So here’s a
mini-ski lesson in addition to a singing tip!!

1.  Project your energy forward. Lean In…don’t pull back.

2.  Use your core muscles for control.

3.  Think down, not up.

4.  Get in shape;  breathe.


  • Keep your weight forward— Lean into that next turn assertively. The
    second you feel fear, don’t pull back or you will fall, pull your energy
    forward and stay focused, and know that you will make the next turn.
  • Use your core muscles— critical for control. This is your center of
    gravity, and you will keep your balance if these muscles are strong and
    engaged. Keep your hips pointing down the mountain, use your knees to
    ‘absorb the bumps’, keep your upper body more level.
  • Think down, not up— at the top of the mountain, visualize yourself going
    down fearlessly. Hands forward, stay grounded and focused, keep your
    skis working the snow.
  • Do your conditioning to be in shape before you hit the slopes. Learn
    breathing techniques to maximize energy and go with the flow.


  • Keep your tone forward— the second you get to your ‘break’  and feel
    fear of ‘missing’ that high note, move your tone placement forward
    confidently, not back, and know that you will hit it.
  • Use your core muscles— more important than most singers realize for
    support and coordination of your breathing. Pitch problems are usually
    support/breathing problems or placement problems. Use these muscles also
    for your movement and rhythm on stage. Take up dance.
  • It actually helps to think ‘down,’ not up on your high notes. Ground them, and you will hit them. You can practice this by using your hands to ‘push’ down, as you sing higher.
  • Get in shape; breathe— Do your vocal exercises, do your physical
    exercise. Learn singing and breathing techniques that will support your
    tone and help you sing strongly and effortlessly.

How do you keep on top of your singing? If you need help with vocal issues or physical energy issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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