Robin Earl & Jasmine Saginario killing a song for Gary Earl Productions

What separates Gary Earl Productions from other producers & studios?

•  Gary’s productions play on an impressive list of media: radio, ABC, CBS, NBC, DISNEY, HBO, FOX, film companies, Madison Avenue ad agencies.  He consistently delivers top notch commercially competitive songs and has been for over 20 years.

•  Since our studio is a private one, we are able to transfer the cost usually spent on high commercial rent to providing the best equipment and sound quality to you at affordable rates.

•  You get a consultation knowing you will be heard. Your thoughts and concerns are important to us, and we will collaborate with you’re comfortable with your result.


• Gary uses the most advanced, cutting edge, and reliable studio technology available. GEP is proud to use SSL, Neumann mics, Apogee, Universal Audio, Waves, AKG, API, Pultec, Fairchild, RME, Sound Toys, Slate Digital, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, (500 + plug ins), Guitars: Taylor, Martin, Fender, Gibson, Guild.

• We have exceptional “room acoustics modeling” of some of the most famous studios in the world including LA, Nashville, New York, and Stockholm. Want the sound of Hollywood’s famous Cello Studio, but one days rent is more than your whole song or demo budget? We can deliver the sound of that room, modeled by leading audio companies who went into those rooms with high tech equipment to sample the audio response characteristics. You hear this amazing equipment daily on hit songs and movies. If you are searching for high quality results without the high costs, we can deliver.

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