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If you are searching for high quality results that help your talent and music stand out from the crowd, you’ve found it. There is a reason our producing is heard on Disney, Warner Bros., CBS, Sony, HBO, Radio, NBC, ABC, FOX, Paramount films, MGM films… Our quality is amazing, at a price that will make you smile.

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Our recording team is easy to work with for entry level songwriters.  Ideal for Indie artists, and trusted and used by pros. Warner, Disney, and Sony are just a handful of the major music companies that use our recording.

Let’s get your project rolling! From years of success we know the quality needed to get noticed, get signed, get placed, and sell.  Email, call or text us and let’s get the music started.

Music worked on by our recording team has been #1  Country radio. #1 Billboard Pop Contest. #1 John Lennon Rock Contests. #1 VH1 Music Channel. #1 Rock on ReverbNation for over 65 weeks. #1 pop BroadJam.

Music from our recording studio plays in 112 countries, and has been Grammy nominated. We help your music stand out from the crowd. We help you get heard. We bring out the best in your music.