• Album / EP Production
  • SingleSongs Produced
  • Songwriter Demos
  • Film, TV Masters
  • Track Building
  • Vocal Recording
  • Voice Coaching
  • Vocal Editing
  • Mixing, Mastering
  • Career Consults, Strategy
  • Music Videos


Where Are You Located?

Our primary studio is in Nashville, although we've worked out of Los Angeles a lot also. It’s a comfortable homey atmosphere with cutting edge technology.

Can We Work Together Online?

Sure! Online collaboration is both efficient and convenient these days. A majority of our work today is done online – using Skype, Google docs, Paypal, text, FaceTime, email, and the good old phone.

Can I Record in Your Studio In Nashville?

Yes! It’s 1400 sq. ft. of comfortable homey atmosphere with cutting edge technology: SSL software and plug-ins, vintage warm UA mic pre’s with NOS Telefunken tubes, top end Neumann mics, room ambience from our favorite L.A. & Nashville studios thanks to room sampling convolution verbs, high end Genelec 8050 speakers for mixing and mastering (same as have been used by iconic mixers and mastering engineers like Bob Katz & George Massenburg), hundreds of pro sampled vintage and modern drum kits and huge assortment of all the well known guitar software amps, and mixing desk with fully automated penny & giles faders on the console. And when you’re singing you can even light the room with your favorite color thanks to LED club lighting. 🙂

What Genres Can You Do?

Proud to say we’ve had cuts and money making placements with producing 17 different genres: Pop, Rock, Country, Dance, Alternative, R&B, Christian, Kids, Metal, Dubstep, EDM, Dance, HipHop, Funk, Bluegrass, Runway, and movie scoring.     Gary has studied & produced extensively, we know what music supers are looking for and know how to produce your music so it can be dropped immediately into a film, tv show, or radio playlist. We do pre-cleared film/tv masters for artists and songwriters wishing to pitch their songs directly to film/tv.


What Services Do You Offer?

Radio ready full production artist packages, PreCleared Film & TV song production, songwriter demo studio packages & Everything from simple guitar vocals for your social media fans up to Grammy nominated CDs and EPs. We are a full service team. Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Coaching, Vocal Producing, Vocal Tuning & Editing, Track Building, Songwriting, Top Lining, consulting and creative direction (team members have worked Sony Publishing and RCA A&R as well as Film/TV music coordinating and Songplugging.)

What Are Your Rates?

Since we do everything from simple guitar vocals for your social media fans up to Grammy nominated CDs and EPs, the price varies greatly depending on complexity. We do run specials on PreCleared Film & TV song production, Radio ready full productions artist packages, and songwriter demo studio packages. Call, Text, or Email for your custom quote. Call 615-662-5643 or Email us at [email protected]

Our Producing services may not be for you if...

1) You enjoy spending all your time learning to expertly play 10 instruments & get the years necessary to develop mixing skills. 2) You don’t like current music styles and the cuts they can bring. 3) You’d rather use friends and are happy to foot the bill for software and hardware tools you’ll need to make broadcast quality masters. 4) You want to attend audio engineering conferences rather than songwriting and pitching conferences.

What's Your TurnAround Time?

Since we’re used to doing music for film, tv, commercials and gaming as well as artists and songwriters, we can deliver projects on a tight time schedule when needed. Unlike most studios, we have no set hours of operation – if a music super needs it overnight, we deliver.

Making Money with Recordings?

If you’re like a lot of songwriters, you’ve spent money in the past on demos that can’t earn income, but our recordings make money daily on HBO, Disney, the Bachelor, Ellen DeGeneres & many more. They make sync money upfront on film & TV placements, and provide royalties for years to come. In addition, you can still pitch them to artists ongoing. If you have demos you’ve already done somewhere else, you cannot pitch them to film or TV unless you know it was not a union session (most demo sessions are union, and cannot be used on film/tv even at the master session rate.), and you must have a “work-for-hire” signed document from the producer, and he/she must have a work-for-hire with each of the musicians and singers on each song. If not, you cannot use that demo on films, tv shows, movies, etc. If a demo is found without work-for-hire papers, it can stop the airing of the tv show or movie, and lead to serious legal problems and bad reputation for anyone trying to pull a fast one on the music super.
I’m happy to say that music produced by us has played on films, tv & radio for 20 years. We’ve talked to hundreds of music supervisors and A&R folks; we know what they’re looking for and need, and can produce your music for immediate dropping into a film, tv show, or radio playlist.

How to Choose a Studio / Producer

Review the producer’s info to find out their work history, accomplishments, awards, etc.  Do they have successful experience in your genre?
Does your producer/studio have access to the newest and best technology?
Will your producer be involved with your pre-production evaluation and available to you during the process?

Why Use a Vocal Producer?

In contemporary music the vocal is the focal point, and virtually every major pop singer has a vocal producer/coach, separate from the record producer. For example in Rihanna’s last record, the vocal producer was paid more than the overall producer. That’s how important the vocal coaching is in pop and R&B. Our A-Team Vocal Producer has 20 years of commercially successful experience – Disney, HBO, The Tonight Show, Grammy noms, major label & indie label artists…

Mixing Engineer VS Recording Engineer

Mixing engineers excel at understanding the different sonic requirements of each genre, how each is mixed and understanding how to properly apply the right combinations from hundreds of plug-ins to each track in order to achieve the appropriate sound for each genre and media, whether it’s radio, tv, or film. A mixing engineer must be able to achieve the proper mix of height, depth, and width in a mix. They typically may cost double what a recording engineer will. Recording engineers need to understand acoustics of space, microphones, and mic placement.
Mastering is taking that yet another step forward, and is critical to broadcast quality and makes a striking advantage when properly done. We do real mastering on every project we mix – we don’t use the all-in-one plug-ins and finalizer hardware that many studios use, that just makes your song louder, not broadcast quality.
Gary has 20 years of engineering experience recording, mixing and mastering for major media nationally and globally: radio, major network television, theater films, etc.  We do it the right way. And since we're not on music row, we aren't paying premium real estate rent, and can pass the savings on to you.

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